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 Post subject: !READ BEFORE POSTING! The Application System! IMPORTANT!
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:40 pm 
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!The Application System, Rules and Regulations!

Hello Applicants and TeamXtreme Summoners!

First of all i would like to welcome you to the TeamXtreme forums! I hope you will enjoy your time here, as a member or as a visitor!
Please take your time to read this manual to apply at TeamXtreme, this will take a maximum of 10 minutes and it will explain everything you need to know as an Applicant or as a TeamXtreme Summoner!

Table of Content
- 1.General Information
-2.The Applicant Role

--2.1Voting System
--2.2How do i get Accepted?

-3.Summoners Role
--3.1Why do i vote and how?
--3.2What does the Division desire from you?

-4.What are the Perks of being a TeamXtreme Summoner?

1.General Information

Hidden content:
To Apply for TX's League of Legends Division, there are a few things you need to learn and remember. The Application system works different as our other divisions. This Application System is a revolutionair idea in wich we strive towards Democracy and unity instead of Hierachy. (Hierachy is not a negative way in TeamXtreme, but we want to involve our members as much as possible and be sure that everyone is equal).

There are two parts in this guide. One is for beginners and Applicants, the other is for TeamXtreme Summoners. We (the management team) recommand that you read both parts. This way, members know what to do and expect from Applicants and Vice Versa. Lets begin!

2.The Applicants Role
Hidden content:
You have chosen TeamXtreme as your new gaming clan for League of Legends! We are happy with your decision and we would like to guide you as much possible. If you are in TeamXtreme's other divisions then this voting system is something you will need to get used to!

2.1The Voting system.
Making a good application is important for your first impression. MAke sure that you fill it in as good as possible. Be honest, dont be to shabby on your answers. But thats not for this guide, you can read all about making an aplication form in this thread here.
Once created a topic wich contains your application form, you start by convincing the TeamXtreme Summoners to vote on you. Every TX Member has a voting right. They can vote once on every application. Be aware that this vote CANT BE REVOKED! Once a member has placed his yes/no-vote, The decision is final. If more 10 members vote "yes" AND less 2 of them vote "no", a Division Manager will accept your application. Otherwise, your application will be denied. Managers' vote count twice.
A member of the management team will edit your Aplications name after every vote to this for example:

Newbie9000's Application[5/0] -- [5=Yes votes/0=No-votes]

2.2How do i get accepted, what are the TeamXtreme terms for membership?
Here at TeamXtreme we stand for Unity, friendship and fairness but most mainly FUN! Video games are made to have fun and this what what our main purpose is. To Unite players from all around the globe and have fun wich each other. So some important aspects we look into a new TeamXtreme Members:
- A Respectfull player who treats his Friends/Clanmates as equals.
- We demand you will not flame/curse/harrass other players. EVEN if they make you upset or annoy you.
- Game Fairness, we will not accept cheats, glitching and other options that gives you the option to play in your advantage. (Accept very smart Tactics and Skill, i think you get our point).
- Multi-Clanning, we wont accept members who are in different clans. Creating Ranked teams with your friends is something different. Its always important to keep playing with your friends.
- You must be AT LEAST 15 years or older. (This is due mature obligations we ask from you).

3.The TeamXtreme's Summoner Role
Hidden content:
As a TeamXtreme Summoner we want to make you feel as happy as possible. I know this sounds a bit clichè, but in the end, this is our mutual goal. We want to make sure everyone is equal. From beginner to Expierenced Summoner. TeamXtreme can be seen as your Gaming 'safe-haven'. This is where you can blow off some steam, lounge with your fellow members and chat and discuss anything!

3.1 Why do i have to Vote? And how?

As an expierenced TeamXtreme member you know that the other divisions work with Officers who have voting rights. This means that in those divisions the Applicant has to impress the officers.
Why have we chosen to do this the other way? One of our main reasons for this concept was Democracy. There is always problems with members accepting total Hierachy. Like i said in Paragram 2; "Hierachy is not a negative thing". Hieracht has some structual perks.
We noticed in our other divisions that when the applicants focus on impressing the officers they dont make alot of contact with the other members. As a division it is important everyone gets along. Ofcourse there isnt a single division where everyone thinks the same of each other but this is more then natural. What we want to achieve is Unity and a good Gaming atmosphere. The best way to do this is for the entire division to decide who gets in and who doesnt! You as a TeamXtreme Member can decide if the Applicant will be a fine addition to the TeamXtreme Memberlist. If you go back to Paragram 2.2 you can read the points wich are needed in a player to join our ranks!

3.2 What does the Division desire from you?
We trust in our members that they will be honost in voting and judging a applicant. As in function of a TeamXtreme member, you will be a sportive player with a fine attitude. We do not ask you to say yes and amen! to every 'rager/annoying childish behaviour from a Summoner" but we trust in your maturity as a Player.
When voting please keep in mind that being honest is really important. Give the Applicant feedback on his progres and skill level. Also keep in mind that the Applicant is here to LEARN, so its wise to not cast your vote right away after playing one single match with the Applicant.
Once you have decided on your vote. Just place:
I vote Yes! or I vote No! in the applications thread. A Manager will edit the Threads name and your vote will show up in the name. PLease keep in mind that your vote cant be revoked! So be sure of your decision!

4. Perks of being a TeamXtreme Summoner!
Hidden content:
Ofcourse we need to end this great guide with what your benefits will be as a TeamXtreme Gamer? Well as expierenced TX players already know TeamXtreme holds alot of resources:
- We host our own TeamSpeak servers.
- In Online gaming we hold over 15 Servers from our own Host.
- Public and Private forum for Optimal Communications
- Xfire Groups
- We give you the potentional to grow in alot of aspects like GFX (Grahpic design, Press publications (News Talk), Event Organizer (WarZone staff) and much more!
- We have our own Tournament site for internal and posible community wide Tournaments!
- Team work wich will lead to a higher Win/Lose ratio.
- Friendship and help.

These are a few perks wich you can use to your advantge, discover your possibilities within TeamXtreme. We dont think the Sky is the limit, do you?

These are basics you need to know and learn for your role here in TeamXtreme. We hope this Guide was resourcefull to you. If you need further informations or you have some questions be sure to take a look at these links:

-> Application Form <-
-> The TeamXtreme Command Council <-
-> The TeamXtreme Global Rules <-
-> Beginners Guide to League of Legends <-
-> TeamSpeak Info <-

If your answer cant be found within these guide's and manuals. Dont be to shy and ask! Ask a TeamXtreme Member or some one of the Management Team!

We wish you all the fun and luck on your journey as a Summoner!

Kind Regards,
The Management Team of the League of Legends Division!

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